things your post-sex behavior says about yourself

things your post-sex behavior says about yourself

With regards to post-sex behavior, the misconception has long been that males get to sleep while ladies desire to cuddle.

Nonetheless, the truth is a much more diverse and interesting, which may be why I happened to be therefore astonished when, years back, we slept with some guy I happened to be dating for the time that is first he desired to lie during sex and talk after we’d done the deed (gasp!).

Wasn’t somebody likely to at light that is least a smoking?

Whereas some individuals enjoy heart-to-heart pillow talk, other people prefer to demolish a pizza – or as we’re learning – take #aftersex selfies. Nevertheless you opt to invest your post-coital bliss, recent studies have revealed that everything you do after intercourse is equally as crucial as intercourse it self.

In research of 456 undergraduates, Daniel Kruger and Susan Hughes, two researchers during the University of Michigan, found that in couples, a female is simply as likely as a person to end up being the very first to drift off. Nonetheless, aside from sex, whoever ended up being the partner who wasn’t snoozing after orgasm felt actually overlooked. The one who fell asleep final indicated a desire to have greater bonding and interaction from their partner. Whether post-sex bonding will come in the type of cuddles, referring to every day or viewing an episode of home of Cards while curled up in eachother’s hand המשך קריאה…